The French Bookshop, Tiong Bahru Road, Singapore

June, July and September 2017



"Crossroads is a collection of artworks by Adeline Thng, inspired by her experiences of the twists and turns of existence, where every decision has the potential to change the course of one’s life. With faith as one's shepherd, we are given the choice to chart our own paths through life, in the process telling stories that matter on a deeply personal level. The different works are visual representations of these crossroads in every way, melding modern techniques with traditional processes, at the crossroad of machine and the handmade.


Adeline begins by the creation of a primary symmetric shape representing the motif of crossroads, thereafter adapting the motif into multiple different permutations. With infinite possibilities creating patterns unique different, the process is similar to the divine design of a snowflake. These unexpected, expanding patterns are converted into grids and laser cut onto pieces of clear acrylic, creating a custom "fabric" on which the artist. embroidered. Using traditional cross stitch techniques, each piece takes up to 100 hours to complete.


An artist working across multiple mediums and disciplines, Adeline is trained in textiles design with Diploma in Fashion Textiles from LASALLE College of the Arts. Describing her work as "surface manipulation", she employs symmetry and geometry in her work to bring dimensionality to her work, showcasing the beauty of mathematics in her craft. She is keenly interested in embroidery with a contemporary twist."



This project is sponsored by Noise Matchbox
Venue Supported and Sponsor by The French Bookshop
Mentored by Soh Ee Shaun |
Curated by Megan Miao |
Photo Courtesy from Zaki
















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